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Marchington & Marchington Woodlands Parish Council

Parish Council Members

Name (role)Telephone
Cllr John Chubb07984 466745
Cllr Brian Darby01283 820934
Cllr Richard Ford01283 820092
Cllr Darron Hayes01283 820328
Cllr Julia Hayhurst (VICE CHAIRMAN)01283 820746
Cllr Reg Husey01283 820270
Cllr Andrew Mann01283 820979
Cllr Ian Morgan (CHAIRMAN)01283 820528
Cllr Paul Nixon01889 565002

Borough & County Councillors

East Staffs Borough Council
Website: www.eaststaffsbc.gov.uk
Email: reception@eaststaffsbc.gov.uk
Tel: 01283 508 000
Cllr Stephen Smith (Crown Ward)
Chestnut House, Wood Lane
Burton upon Trent
Staffordshire, DE13 8TG
Tel: 01283 814495
Email: stephen.smith@eaststaffsbc.gov.uk
Staffordshire County Council
Website: www.staffordshire.gov.uk
Email: contactus@staffordshire.gov.uk
Tel: 0300 111 8000
Cllr Philip Atkins
Abbey Fields, Mill Street
ST14 5JX
Tel: 01889 590230
Mob: 07800 886017
Email: philip.atkins@staffordshire.gov.uk
Correspondence address:
Cabinet Office, Wedgwood Building
Tipping Street, Stafford, ST16 2DH

Parish Council Meetings

Meetings of the M & MW Parish Council are usually held on the second Tuesday in every month in the John Ellwood Lounge at the Village Hall starting at 7.30pm. The April and August meeting is held at Marchington Woodlands Village Hall.

Public Attendance at Meetings

Any member of the public is welcome to attend for any part (or all) of the Meeting. A public session is held at the start of the meeting to enable individuals to raise matters of concern.

Meetings start promptly at 7.30pm so arrive late and you may miss the opportunity!

Once the public session is over, members of the public are not entitled to speak during the formal business of the council unless specifically invited to do so by the meeting chairman. In certain circumstances the public may be asked to leave the meeting, this is at the Chairman's discretion.

Annual Parish Meeting

An annual meeting for all electors is held (usually in May). Matters of concern raised by the electors can then be considered by the Parish Council at their regular meetings.

Recent meeting agendas and minutes

Minutes will be added here when they have been approved at the following meeting of the Parish Council.

(The following older lists of minutes can be expanded by clicking on the year of interest)

Other Parish Council documents

Marchington Neighbourhood Plan documentation is available to view on ESBC website via the link below, or at Marchington Village Hall, Marchington Woodlands Village Hall or in the Village Shop.

Planning Applications

The Parish Council are consulted on all planning applications within the Parish Boundary. Each application is considered by the Parish Councillors after which the Parish Clerk sends the overall opinion back to ESBC. It is the Planning Committee of ESBC that makes the final decision.

Please be aware that the Parish Council has no legal obligation to publish information on this web site and the webmaster cannot be held responsible for errors and omission or late entries. Details of Parish Council activities can be obtained by contacting the Parish Clerk directly.

Which Council?

This table provides a guide to which of your Councils provides each key service.

Parish CouncilEast Staffordshre BCStaffordshire CC
Burial Grounds
Bus shelters
Parochial Charities
Maintenance of public footpaths
Power to acquire land
Provision of litter bins
Recreation Ground
Abandoned vehicles
Commercial waste collection
Composting (kerbside collection)
Council tax
Dogs- strays and fouling
Electoral registration
Environmental health
Fridge/freezer disposal
Leisure centre
Local tourism info
Noise pollution
Pest control
Planning permission
Recycling facilities
Social Care

Contacting the Council


The Parish Council wishes to be accessible to all those who live in the parish of Marchington & Marchington Woodlands and so provides a number of opportunities for members of the public to make contact. These are described below.

Making informal contact

You may contact the Clerk, Catherine Thompson, by sending a message or by telephone on 07549-164641 if you have a concern or question you would like to discuss. Please respect family life and avoid ringing at awkward times.

Making formal contact

If you would like a formal answer to a question or wish to make a point to the whole council, then writing a letter is probably the best solution. Your letter should be sent to:

Marchington & Marchington Woodlands Parish Council
Parish Clerk: Catherine Thompson
c/o Hilltop Cottage
Wood Lane
Staffs. ST14 8JR

Alternatively you are welcome to attend one of the Parish Council Meetings each of which starts with a public session during which you can ask questions and make any points (See left).

Chairman's report

Happy New Year to you all.
January is still a cold month so please keep an eye out for your neighbours and their wellbeing.
For a relatively quiet community, there are lots of things bubbling away that your Council is investigating. We will have had a meeting with ESBC on 13th December discussing possible development on the Marchington barracks site. There has also been a presentation at the last Parish Council meeting concerning the possible development of the Blacksmiths Arms site and it was good to see so many Birch Cross residents turn out for the discussion. As with any such potential development your council continues to keep flooding risk, sewerage issues and potential danger to road users at the forefront of any discussion. We are also looking at the Forestside communal areas, which generally fall under the jurisdiction of the Crown. The issue here is that if there are problems in such areas such as tree roots breaking up the tarmac on the alleyways in Forestside, it is very difficult to get any remedial work done as nobody wants to accept liability. It is difficult, but your Parish Clerk and Councillor Chubb are pursuing this with the aim to resolve such situations.
Looking forward, the recently planted fruit trees in the Community Orchard should begin to show signs of life in the coming months and I look forward to seeing the many blossoms bloom on these new trees. June 23rd/24th we will once again see a Summer Festival in Marchington following on from the success of last year. This time the Council has given permissions to host the main events in a marquee on the cricket ground, which I am sure will be great.
As I have said previously, should you wish to make the Council aware of issues/problems in the Parish, you can do so by speaking directly to your Parish Clerk, Catherine Thompson. Should you wish to remain anonymous, then please speak to Catherine and it will be honoured by her. However, the Parish Council cannot accept anonymous letters as a means of expressing a grievance.
In December, Catherine and a number of volunteers were out in the village undertaking two Community Speedwatch sessions. From over 100 cars tested, only one was travelling in excess of the speed limit, and that driver will receive a letter from the Police. We intent to continue with this activity in 2018, in the belief that it will reduce speeds in the Parish, therefore promoting safety for all of us. Another defibrillator training session took place in December and was really well attended.
Finally, I hope we do not suffer problems with flooding this year, but we now have in place the means to close off Church Lane to prevent cars coming through the village and therefore to protect properties should they need arise.
Ian Morgan
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